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The Crystal Belles +2 Choir, is an informal, fun, choir based out of the Greater Forest Lawn(GFL) 55+ Society Center in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

We are a mostly female choir (with a couple of spouses for spice) of about 20 people that sing a wide variety of old favourite songs (including love songs, cowboy, humourous, rememberance day, christmas, St Patricks day).

We meet together weekly during normal work hours either to practice or to perform (mostly for older audiences in community centers and senior residences in Calgary).

Choir Practices

When not performing, Practices are held from September through June at Greater Forest Lawn 55+ Society Center on Thursdays from 10:00 am to 12:00. Women interested in joining please contact our director: Sharon Sheeler phone (403) 272-1404.

Choir Performances

We perform with a director and a piano accompaniment (we do have a backup electric keyboard).
We prefer to give performances of at least 45 - 60 minutes on weekday mornings or afternoons, ideally on Thursday mornings (our regular practice times). Please book ahead as we can get quite busy and we try to limit multiple bookings in the same week.

Scheduled Performances

Scheduled Performance Venues (Locations)

To book please contact

Greater Forest Lawn 55+ Society Center

The Society Organizes and hosts activities that are open to all ages but emphasizing those that are of particular interest to seniors. Membership gives reduced rates on most activities and is open to all adults (18 or older), but voting privileges are reserved for those at least 55 years old. See the public web page for more details.
Crystal Belles Choir
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